Angelica and Joseph

Joseph: "I don't know how we would have done this  without Christy. It was our first baby, and she had everything down. She  handled the nurses, kept the room calm - made Angelica so comfortable  and me confident. Everybody should have this."

Angelica:  "I had an amazing birth experience. I'm a research nut and a planner,  and came to Hypnobabies because I wanted a natural birth, but to also  feel confident and in control of the experience for me and my baby.  The  classes Christy led were great – relaxing, grounding, good training,  and really educational for me and my husband. And then having her in the  room to help with the baby's arrival?  I'm so grateful. Bringing my son  into the world is the coolest thing I've ever done, and she coordinated  with the whole medical staff to help that happen in a way that felt so  calm, organic, and alive."