About Me

Christy High, HCHI, HCHD, PYT

My name is Christy High and I am a  2x Hypno-mom.   My husband and I had an absolutely amazing experience with  the birth of our daughter!  We fell so in love with the Hypnobabies  program that I knew I wanted to share it with others before we had even finished the course. After having a beautiful, peaceful hospital birth  (relatively unheard of in my circle of friends), I felt even more  conviction to pursue training.  When Hypnobabies announced they would be offering their first training after a year-long hiatus in my favorite  city, New Orleans, I knew it was kismet!  With the exception of my quirky, fun-loving family, there is nothing that brings me more joy than sharing the tools that I learned from this amazing program with other expectant women/couples.  In addition to teaching Hypnobabies, I also offer prenatal yoga classes for moms and couples, and serve as a doula to women and families as they welcome their babies earthside.

Rowan's Birth Story

We welcomed my daughter Rowan on St. Patrick's Day of 2014 in a beautiful, calm and peaceful birth at Baptist East Hospital.  To this day, I'm still in awe of how Hypnobabies transformed not only my view of birth, but the way my family views it as well.  This birth inspired two of my sister-in-laws to go on to take my class and welcome their own hypnobabies, with me by their sides as their hypno-doula.

Oliver's Birth Story

Oliver's birth was fast and surprisingly calm considering how surreal it ended up being.  I can say with 100% certainty that my Hypnobabies training is what made his birth so incredibly amazing!