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Hypnobabies® and Evidence based birth® Premier Childbirth Education

Hypnobabies® and Evidence based birth® Premier Childbirth Education

Hypnobabies® and Evidence based birth® Premier Childbirth EducationHypnobabies® and Evidence based birth® Premier Childbirth EducationHypnobabies® and Evidence based birth® Premier Childbirth Education

Reviews from clients

A & J


J: "I don't know how we would have done this  without Christy. It was our first baby, and she had everything down. She  handled the nurses, kept the room calm - made Angelica so comfortable  and me confident. Everybody should have this."

A:  "I had an amazing birth experience. I'm a research nut and a planner,  and came to Hypnobabies because I wanted a natural birth, but to also  feel confident and in control of the experience for me and my baby.  The  classes Christy led were great – relaxing, grounding, good training,  and really educational for me and my husband. And then having her in the  room to help with the baby's arrival?  I'm so grateful. Bringing my son  into the world is the coolest thing I've ever done, and she coordinated  with the whole medical staff to help that happen in a way that felt so  calm, organic, and alive."

L. - Hypno-mom


"During the time that I spent with Christy, she demonstrated many abilities. She is well-rounded, hardworking, and competent. One of her most impressive skills is her ability to communicate well. As a professional in the medical community, it was important for me to work with someone who could deliver evidence-based information. Though my husband does not work in the medical field, Christy was able to balance the delivery of her education so that we both felt like we were receiving quality information.

Christy is also a caring, friendly individual with interpersonal skills that make her easy to approach. When I was in the hospital, she was an advocate for my birthing plan, but also very respectful to the medical staff. With her presence, my husband and I felt supported, calm, and empowered to pursue the birth we had always wanted."

M. - Hypno-mom


"When we met Christy, we did not know about all of her incredible qualifications, but it was clear that she was knowledgeable, professional and just what we needed for our birthing environment. Even more important than Christy’s range of education involving Evidence Based Care and comfort measures throughout birth, we felt that Christy would sincerely care and advocate for us in a way that was different from other Doulas. Christy is kind, flexible and able to connect with a diverse variety of people. Christy balanced communication between us, hospital staff and family in a way that was genuine and helpful. She is attentive, intuitive and extremely responsive. Throughout my pregnancy and our Hypnobabies class, Christy often answered our questions and empowered us with the knowledge we needed to feel safe and comfortable before we could even ask."

D. - Hypno-mom


"As a first- time mom with anxiety, taking a birthing class was of utmost importance to help me feel calm about my upcoming birthing experience. Christy was an amazing teacher - she knew exactly what to say and how to say it to help me feel confident and empowered. Through the Hypnobabies course and her excellent education classes, I had a natural, unmedicated and very easy childbirth."

S. - Hypno-mom


"With HypnoBabies I felt I was preparing for the most calm, intimate, peaceful, yet also empowering experience of my life- the birth of my second baby. Though Christy presents all the same, necessary material to inform parents of their options [as other childbirth preparation classes], the delivery is soft, non-fearmongering, and uplifting.

As a mother who has dealt with severe birth trauma from the birth of my son, I can’t begin to describe what a positive affect Christy’s class has had on me throughout this pregnancy. Being able to have this wonderful tool (self-hypnosis) to work through lingering fear, self-doubt, and generally preparing my mind and body for a VBAC has been life changing in and of itself. I can truly say I have never felt more prepared for such a major life event than I do for my upcoming baby’s birth- all thanks to HypnoBabies and especially Christy’s loving, empowering, and peaceful delivery of the course material."

M. - Hypno-mom & prenatal yoga student


"Christy's prenatal yoga classes are exactly what I have needed during my  pregnancy. This is my first baby and I am trying to prepare my mind and  body for bringing this little one into the world. Christy's classes are  very empowering and help me release any anxiety I am holding to and any  doubt that I have in my body to birth this baby. THANK YOU CHRISTY!"

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