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Hypnobabies® and Evidence based birth® Premier Childbirth Education

Hypnobabies® and Evidence based birth® Premier Childbirth Education

Hypnobabies® and Evidence based birth® Premier Childbirth EducationHypnobabies® and Evidence based birth® Premier Childbirth Education

How is Hypnobabies different from other birthing programs that use hypnosis?

  • We  use real, medical-grade, somnambulistic hypnosis techniques.   Hypnobabies contains the same kinds of powerful somnambulistic hypnosis  scripts used by people who undergo surgery successfully using hypnosis  as their only anesthetic.
  • Hypno-moms  have the opportunity to get started long before class.  Every student  is provided with their first 2 hypnosis audio tracks before class even  starts: Your Special Place, which allows them to learn and become  proficient in deep physical relaxation, and Easy, Comfortable  Childbirth, enabling them to easily master deep hypnosis and positive  birth training.
  • The  program includes 16 powerful, deep hypnosis audio tracks, including one  for our Birth Partners so they can easily become calm and relaxed.
  • We  use binaural beats.  The background music in all of our Hypnobabies  hypnosis audio tracks becomes part of the hypnotic induction process  through a process of synchronizing the brain waves, which allows the  Hypno-momand Birth Partners to enter hypnosis faster and atain a deeper  state of hypnosis called "somnambulism."
  • Hypnobabies teaches 2 separate hypnosis queues for entering hypnosis quickly and deeply, and 7 hypnotic deepening techniques.
  • Each Hypno-couple receives a booklet of 5 somnambulsitic hypnosis scripts to be used by them as they work as a team.
  • Birth  Partners receive detailed, comprehensive training through their own  Birth Partner's hypnosis recording for a calm and confident attitude  towards pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Hypnobabies  can also be very successfully used by Single Mothers or those whose  partners will not be participating in their birth preparation process.
  • Hypnobabies classes provide excellent and complete Childbirth Education.
  • Hypnobabies’  “Eyes Open Childbirth Hypnosis” allows each Hypno-mom to walk,talk and  move around freely, yet remain deeply in hypnosis, very relaxed, fully  present, aware and in touch with her body and baby and comfortable while  doing so.
  • Classes  include our very successful Hypnobabies Birth Visualization, in which  you can mentally and emotionally *practice* entering labor, experience  your comfortable birthing techniques and give birth easily and in a very  detailed and personal way.
  • Our  (4) wonderful Birth Guide audio tracks keep our Hypno-mom deeply in  hypnosis with constant hypnotic relaxation and Hypno-anesthesia  suggestions for both the first stage of labor and the pushing phase  (avoiding the “ring of fire” and mother-directed pushing) as well as  “positive birth team” hypnosis throughout. Birth Professionals are  fascinated at how completely relaxed and physically comfortable our  Hypno-moms are, how easily they are able to move around and communicate  and still be deeply hypnotized, and how “in control” they are of their  bodies, minds and emotions. Our Hypnobabies students tell us that our  Birth Guide CD is “Pure Gold!”
  • Our  Hypnobabies Instructors are always available for help before, during  and after your Hypno-baby is born, and we also have a free online  Hypnobabies Moms support forum attended by certified Hypnobabies  Instructors for support and encouragement so that you can enjoy a  community where others are using Hypnobabies as well.
  • Hypnobabies  includes 18 hours of classroom instruction instead of 8 or 10, and  although other childbirth programs may contain some excellent  hypno-tools for birthing, none contain the amount of information, in  depth hypno-anesthesia, training, practice and support of Hypnobabies.  All elements have been carefully designed to work together and the  results are excellent.

Hypnobabies is an empowering choice for any woman wanting Hypnosis for Childbirth that works easily and beautifully!

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Hypnobabies® – Natural Childbirth at its best!