the birth story of george joseph

First-time Mom Uses Hypnobabies for Induction

On  October 27th I was in full on nesting mode! Cleaning the house, sorting  through unwashed baby clothes, and packing my hospital bag. I went to bed around 9pm and woke up at 11:30pm to pee. I sat up and had a gush of fluid. I told my husband that I wasn't sure if I peed or if my water broke. I was 36+5 at this point. I changed my clothes and stood up to another gush. I decided it was time to take a shower and so did my  husband. I then called the MD on call and she suggested I come in to see  if my water was leaking. 

We got to the hospital at 2am, confirmed water was leaking, and I was admitted at 4am. I hadn't typed up my birth  preferences so the nurse brought me a pen and paper to write some notes.  I hadn't had any pressure waves yet, but I called my doula to let her  know what was going on. Unfortunately she was ill and unable to attend  (she found a replacement, but I told her we would be ok), but read on  for how she still helped me from afar!!

By 8am I still had not had  any pressure waves. The doctor on call that day was the doctor that I  had preferred to have during my birthing time. I was so happy about  that! He came in and discussed starting pitocin since it had been a  while since my water broke. We asked all the questions we had about  inducing and not inducing at this point and asked if we could have a moment to think about it. I decided that I was ok with starting pitocin.  It took 2 hours before I felt the first pressure wave. I hadn't been  listening to my tracks while waiting and when the waves started I could not stand the feeling of having my headphones on. I spent maybe 2 hours not listening to my tracks while I was having waves. My husband eventually convinced me to listen to them out loud. 

The pressure waves  were becoming very intense and I started to get agitated and having  restless legs so I texted my doula.  She told me that while keeping my  whole body relaxed is the goal, keeping hands and face relaxed are the  main focal points to keep my cervix progressing. She told me to tell  myself I am becoming more comfortable with every exhale, legs relaxing,  and cervix dilating. The most memorable thing she said to me that I will  never forget is “the waves can never become stronger than you because they are you.” I would tell myself this with every pressure wave while lightly rubbing my legs, and exaggerating every exhale. 

My husband was  by my side for every wave using the relax cue. When I found myself  clinching my jaw I would open my mouth wide and roll my head. I am  pretty sure I fell asleep between each wave. I did not have the desire  to change positions or walk around. Every position was uncomfortable  except for sitting straight up in bed with my legs butterflied.

At  about 5cm I got really discouraged and told my husband I thought maybe I  should get an epidural. That was the extent of that conversation. I  closed my eyes for what felt like 5 minutes. When I opened my eyes my  husband said “Megan do you realize that you have not moved or made a  sound in 2 hours?” I find it so amazing that at the moment I was ready  to give up I was able to go deeper into hypnosis than ever before!   At my  next cervical check I was 8cm. I was so happy that I laughed and cried! 

Shortly after that I had uncontrollable urges to push. My nurse told me  to try my best not to push since I was not yet 10cm. I asked how I was  supposed to do that and she said “use your hypnosis.” All of the nurses  that I had were extremely supportive of Hypnobabies even though they had  never seen it used before. Listening to the tracks out loud benefited  me the most because my nurses would take cues and advice from the tracks  and help me in ways that were hypno friendly.  When my baby started  to crown the doctor came in. The room was kept dark except for the  doctor's spotlight and within 3 pressure waves I pushed my baby out. I  wasn’t able to breath him out as I would have liked. I felt the need to  make deep, but loud noises as I pushed. By this point I had been in my  birthing time for 14 hours and I needed that extra umph to get me  through.

My sweet George did not cry when he was born. I asked the  doctor if he was ok and he said he was perfect. He was just taking in  the view. After a quick suction of his mouth my baby was placed on my  chest where he made a small little cry and where he stayed for the next 2  hours, wide eyed and trying to nurse.

I did not use my hypnobabies  techniques in textbook form, but I used what worked for me and it was a  beautiful thing. Everyday I am overcome with nostalgia for my birthing  time and the first moment I held my precious baby. Over the Thanksgiving  holiday I could hear my husband in another room talking to relatives  about how awesome I did. He never told me until afterwards that he  doubted Hypnobabies would work. Now he is a firm believer.

I am so  thankful for Hypnobabies. This program not only helped me have a  beautiful, pain med free birth, but it helped me with my anxiety during  my pregnancy and for that I am forever grateful!! 

"The waves can never be stronger than you because they are you."

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